Firewood Policy

Help preserve our valuable ash trees that provide the shade and beauty you enjoy during your camping experience at the Rustic Barn Campground and RV Park.

The 31 ash trees on site are at risk of the Emerald Ash Borer—an alien pest that kills ash trees by feeding on phloem and outer sapwood. They’ve already killed six million ash trees in Michigan! To save our trees—and your shade—please DO NOT BRING OUTSIDE firewood into the park. Firewood can harbor many different kinds of invasive pests (gypsy moth, oak wilt, emerald ash borer) and diseases harmful to local trees. These pests hitchhike on firewood from other areas and make the campground their new home.

We apologize for this inconvenience that is out of our control. Firewood from a state-certified provider is offered at the park for an affordable cost.

For information on this growing concern, please visit:

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Rustic Barn RV Park & Campground
3854 Dry Hollow Road
Kieler, WI 53812-9702
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